What are the top reasons to follow a brand on Twitter?

Twitter started in 2006 as a text-messaging-based internet bulletin board. Since then, it’s developed into one of the most popular social networks, with more than 300 million users sending 500 million tweets per day.

Top 5 reasons people follow brands on Twitter

The following are the top five reasons why people follow brands on Twitter:

#1 Discounts and promotions

People follow brands they like on Twitter for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is to be notified when a product or service they’re interested in goes on sale. People are eager to hear about ways to save money through promotions and discounts in light of our country’s troubled economy, so it’s critical that businesses disseminate this information widely. After all, if your company fails to market a sale effectively, the general public will be unaware of your product, and you will lose income.

#2 Information on the most recent products

People follow brands on Twitter because they want to know about the latest and greatest items or services that those firms are releasing. 74 percent of users follow brands on Twitter to receive product updates, according to Twitter. Because the market is so competitive, ongoing innovation and originality are essential. But, if no one knows about your new, cutting-edge product, what good is it? Your organization needs to publicize the most recent product information so that potential buyers are interested before switching to a competitive brand.

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#3 Customer service

Twitter is an excellent platform for your company to personally engage with customers and show them that you care about their opinions and experiences with your brand. If someone gives your company feedback over Twitter, whether positive or negative, a quick tweet back is an effective and efficient way to show gratitude or resolve concerns.

#4 Entertainment

Another important reason why users follow companies on Twitter is for entertainment purposes. Companies that are known for sharing enticing content, even if it’s not necessarily about the company or product itself, usually attract more followers. Your company should share interesting articles, cute or funny pictures and videos, commentary on certain issues in the news and more. If people can see that your company cares about relevant matters in the world and not only about getting more customers, they will likely find your brand more attractive and consider it unique.

#5 Feedback

If someone follows your brand on Twitter, she’s either a regular client or someone who wants to learn more about your products or services. People frequently follow companies they care about and provide feedback on their experiences so that the company can continue or improve its offerings. Because Twitter gives customers a loud and public voice, it’s critical that businesses listen to constructive criticism. Twitter is a great method to find out what people are saying about your brand and where your strengths and shortcomings are.


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