Brown Leather Pleated Kilt With Cargo Pockets

For those who are looking for leather Kilts that are affordable and custom-made, the Brown Leather Pleated Kilt is available with Cargo Pockets.

Brown Leather Pleated Kilt in Brown Leather with Cargo Pocket. This is one of our best designs. Two Flap pockets are located on either side of each Jacket, with one small pocket in each Flap pocket. One Flap pocket is located on the backside the leather kilt.

Two leather straps have buckles and are available for the better adjustment of your kilt. For full swing and comfort, the pleats in the kilt have been sewn deep inside. You can also check out our other Best Leather Kilts.

Product Features

  • Leather Pleated Kilts for various occasions
  • Made from TOP-GRAIN cow’s leather
  • On either side, there are two flap pockets
  • Add decorative buttons to make it more stylish

Scottish Pleated Bluf Leather Kilt

Two-toned Scottish Pleated Bluf Leather Kilt, which is made for leather lovers. It is up to the customer to choose what kind of leather they prefer.

This new style pleated convertible Bluf Leather Scottish Kilt is stylish. This classic-styled leather kilt has the same structure and length as the originals. It stops at the knee, but can be customized to your liking.

It is elegant and has a stunning look. The leather kilt is simple to put on. It is a wrap-around that fastens with 2 studs and 2 buckles on each side. This kilt now has a reversible front flap.

Each side of the front flap can be made with different colors. You can reverse the flap to create a black kilt and red pockets flaps, or a black and red contrast Kilt with front panel in red and a pocket flap in red.

Product Features

  • Convertible Scottish Kilt
  • Amazing and elegant appearance
  • On one side, there are two studs and two buttons.
  • Two Colors Flap
  • Genuine Leather


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